Children’s hypnotherapy for Confidence

Hypnotherapy can be a great way to improve your child’s confidence. A lack of confidence can lead to your child feeling out of place, unable to speak up and unable to participate in the things that he or she would like to. Every child has a different starting point and some children are more confident […]

Children’s hypnotherapy – what it’s not!

Children’s hypnotherapy misinformation…on this website you’ll find loads of information about the benefits of using hypnotherapy to help children with a range of issues, but I just briefly want to look at some of the MISinformation which is out there. Using mind control with your kids is bad – Children’s hypnotherapy has absolutely nothing to […]

KidsMatters™ Club Leader Training

We’re just about to launch our KidsMatters™ Club Leader Training course! This course will be online and supported by Skype tutorials. There’s a huge demand for kids clubs with a difference. This club combines mindfulness, positive mindset growth training and ends up with a secret superhero character for each child! It’s great fun, equally attractive […]

A-Z of children’s hypnotherapy – Belief

One of the most important things a child can take away from their life coaching or hypnosis sessions is belief – belief in themselves, belief that there are good people out there who can support them in their growth and belief in their ability to change their situation for the better. Let’s start with the […]

A-Z of children’s hypnotherapy – Anchoring

My ‘A’ in my A-Z of kids’ hypnosis is anchoring – a fantastic tool which can be used therapeutically to help your child and which you can use at home with your child. So, what is an anchor? ‘Anchoring’ is a useful term to describe something which happens naturally to us on a regular basis. […]

3 things you can do to strengthen your kid’s hypnosis sessions

As an adult, if you were to seek out hypnotherapy – or any other type of therapy – to help you with a particular issue in your life, one of the first things the hypnotherapist would do is explain to you the importance of your involvement in the therapeutic process. He or she would explain […]

Add on to your kid’s hypnotherapy session – love bombing

When a parent decides to contact me about a hypnotherapy appointment for their child, it turns out that many of the problems children face are due to low self-esteem, frustration and a lack of confidence in their own abilities or trust in the adults around them. Kids respond so well to hypnosis because, during a […]

How can hypnotherapy help my child with a phobia?

Disclaimer here – as a hypnotherapist, I absolutely love working with phobias. You could call it my passion. Add to that, when I use hypnosis with a phobic child, I love the fact that they won’t need to go through life with a horrible fear which can affect every area of their life. I suffered […]

Giving your children a voice

I was just watching a TED talk by Katie Hood about healthy and unhealthy love. In it, she recalls an event where she lost her temper with her children. We all do it! Whether we work in the field of therapy or not. We might know how we should be acting towards out kids, but […]

What is hypnotherapy for kids?

Welcome to my first post about children’s hypnotherapy! Whether you’re a parent or primary carer looking for information about your child or a therapist who wishes to use hypnosis with children, you’ll find plenty of useful information about children’s hypnotherapy here. If there are any topics you’d like me to cover, or if you have […]

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