Dr Claire Jack
Dr Claire Jack

After working as a hypnotherapist for many years, I discovered a passion for working with children. Children make great hypnotherapy clients! Children are used to easily accessing their imaginations, and quickly respond to using hypnosis as a way to resolve problems and come up with solutions. The fact that it’s possible to help a child lead a better life before they carry a problem into adulthood is very rewarding.

My first attempts to work with children were not great! Despite having practiced as a hypnotherapist for a few years – and despite having two children of my own – I was left floundering when I first tried to work with child clients. I tried to use the ‘traditional’ hypnotherapy approaches that worked so well with adults, and found that the children I worked with often rejected these approaches or just didn’t engage as effectively as I had hoped. Because I felt a strong calling to work with children, and because it was apparent that there was increasing demand for hypnotherapists who specialised in child therapy, I conducted my own research and have now had the pleasure of helping hundreds of children. My own children have also benefitted greatly learning to use hypnosis!

KidsMatters™ is the result of this research and experience. I have developed ways of working with children which are both highly effective and enjoyable, which quickly achieve long lasting results. There are two training options. If you area qualified hypnotherapist and/ or counsellor, you can train as a KidsMatters™ Practitioner and work with children on an individual basis.

You can also train to become a KidsMatters™ Club leader. You don’t need to have any previous hypnotherapy or counselling training to become a Club leader – just an enthusiasm for working with children! You will be required to undertake a disclosure check (there are differences in regulations throughout the UK) in order to check that you are safe to work with children and then you’re set to go! KidsMatters™ clubs focus on fun and inspiring guided meditations (recordings provided), stimulating written materials, mindfulness, positive mindset growth and a personal superhero day at the end of 6 weeks! The clubs are designed to be fun and appeal to boys and girls equally. They are particularly suited to kids aged between 5 and 8. This course, along with all written and recorded resources will be available from October 15th.

In addition to using hypnosis with children, and being a Senior Member of the General Hypnotherapy Register, I run a successful hypnotherapy training academy, offering a range of CPD and Diploma level courses, which are compliant with GHSC regulations and place a high emphasis on ethical and integrated approaches. Having completed my Ph.D. in Anthropology – which stimulated my interest in hypnotic modes of communication – I researched and taught at some of Scotland’s top universities.  I bring this love of sharing learning to the courses I offer, including the KidsMatters™ training course. You are ensured the same high quality of teaching which I offered during my university years – and all learning is very hands on.



  • PhD in Anthropology
  • Accredited Diploma in Executive and Life Coaching
  • Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy
  • Licensed Practitioner Hypno-Band
  • Accredited Practitioner HypnoBirthing The Mongan Method
  • Accredited Practitioner HypnoMothering
  • Accredited Practitioner Fertile Body Method
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Counselling Skills (University of Strathclyde)
  • Senior Member of General Hypnotherapy Register
  • M.Phil in Archaeology
  • MA (Hons) Archaeology
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