A-Z of children’s hypnotherapy – Belief

A-Z of children’s hypnotherapy – Belief

One of the most important things a child can take away from their life coaching or hypnosis sessions is belief – belief in themselves, belief that there are good people out there who can support them in their growth and belief in their ability to change their situation for the better.

Let’s start with the idea that children need to have belief in themselves – and why they might be lacking in that belief. Firstly – no matter how hard we try as parents (and it really is the most difficult job in the world) – we may have made the odd comment which has made a child question her belief in herself. Sometimes when we have issues ourselves, it’s easy to unintentionally pass some of these issues onto our kids. For instance, if we spend all day putting ourselves down and complaining about our appearance, our child may take on some of these negative values. None of us is perfect and we all do it, but a lack of awareness on our part can sometimes negatively impact our child’s own sense of belief in himself. At times, it’s possible to forget that we are the centre of our child’s world and we make an occasional comment – which would barely register if we made it towards a friend or peer – which our child takes very seriously and which can impact their belief in themselves.

Secondly, we live in a world where achievements are highly valued from an early age and this message is conveyed through the school system. Children’s sense of belief in themselves can be tied up with their achievements in the classroom. If a child underperforms academically – or perhaps they struggle with sports – their belief in their abilities can be shaken, which in turn can affect their belief in themselves.

Hypnotherapy and life coaching can help a child develop a belief that they are a good, worthwhile, precious person – no matter what messages they may have received from school, friends or family. Fundamentally, if a child has learned somehow that she is ‘not good enough’, he can also learn that he is good enough. During a hypnosis session, the hypnotherapist will identify a set of believable, realistic beliefs which will be conveyed to the child in an engaging, interactive way and which can be accepted at a deep level.


A good hypnotherapist or life coach will also help your child develop a positive belief about the world and realise that there are good people out there who can support them. Hopefully your child will be lucky enough to have some great teachers at school who instil this belief in them but they may have been inadvertently put down or criticised by some important adults in their lives. A hypnotherapist who specialises in working with kids will have been trained to listen to that child without judgement, to place their needs first and foremost and to support the child without dominating or telling them they know what is best. The hypnotherapist’s values will be informed by what the child needs. The child learns a very important lesson in belief from this type of work. She believes that her needs are important, and that support can be provided by adults in a way which respects this.


In contrast to what some people believe – that hypnosis is a form of mind control which can make people do things against their own will – experiencing hypnotherapy is an incredibly empowering experience. During a hypnotherapy session, the hypnotherapist will take plenty time to explore how the child sees the world and what things they wish to improve or change in their world. Using visualisation, positive suggestion and other methods the hypnotherapist will help encourage the child to believe that they have control over their actions and can affect a positive change in their world. This sense of belief is one which your child can apply to any situation – not just the issue they came to hypnosis for. Developing this empowering belief at an early age allows your child to apply it for the rest of his life. How wonderful would it be to grow up with the tools and techniques to back up a belief that he or she can positively impact the world around them, simply by changing the way they think and act!

If you’d like further information about how hypnotherapy or life coaching can help your child develop positive beliefs about the world around him or her, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

A-Z of children’s hypnotherapy – Belief
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